viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008

Bitter (or All you need is pop)

Just for a little I’ll be
a sickly sweet beetle
whispering in your juicy ears:

do you know how to bite
a bloody bud?

I asked you,
while you mistook bitch
for witch, looking around
the universe for nothing

I’m on my way
I wanted to tell you,
that my broomstick is not going to weep
not even to sweep.

I’d like to give you a song,
nice and silly: beatiful,
but the thing is (oh darling),
I just don’t know how to beat
without bleeding

(it’s not such a big deal, anyway)

so I make up
my mind:
I will bleed
(if you want me to I will)
but remember:
(to let the buble-gun into my heart)
you can burst our slippery balloon
but you can't break my warned soul

(don’t think it twice)

I’m here
still, entirely, you are there
and nobody can deny there is
something in the way
the world movesthat keeps ours skins trembling
like rolling stones.

maybe because it’s round(it turns me on)
maybe, just maybe, because sometimes
it’s blue, and other times it’s dark
and we can always rent a yellow submarine
if we want to go away any day

in the end
(your mother should know)
at the edge,
everybody is looking
(from the top of the helter skelter)
for a light when the black-bird
has flown

some real words
that make things work out
or the sound of a piano
calling ours memories
to go out and play
with a warm gun
(happiness bang bang shoot shoot).

P.S. I love you.

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